17 Sep 2017
Friday marks the start of Fall and as the air turns cool and fresh. it is a perfect time to plant fall flowering plants such as mums and pansies. The fall colors will brighten up your landscape and give you something to enjoy as the seasons change.
Although mums are actually perennials, they’re often treated as annuals. These pretty plants are available loaded with blooms and buds, ready to slip into empty spots in your landscape, and their blooms take many different forms. You can find spider-types,  pompoms, daisy shapes, and more.

Look for mums in autumnal colors like mauve, burgundy, purple, copper, bronze, butterscotch, and gold. Make a festive seasonal display by arranging them with pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, or dried cornstalks. For a long-lasting decoration, try a big pot of mums on either side of a front door.

For additional color, plant pansies, dianthus, ornamental kale, and other cool-season annuals. For a showy display, use only one or two colors per garden bed.

Most fall flowers are easy to maintain. You’ll find that you don’t need to water as often as you did in hot weather, and even fast-growing weeds will slow down as the temperatures drop.

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