29 Jan 2018

If you ever thought that your landscape could use an update, you are not alone.  Many homeowners think their landscape looks a little dated, maybe even overgrown, and needs to be refreshed.  Here are 2 things you can do to really make things POP!

Remove Dead & Overgrown Shrubs.  

Do you have a landscape where you inherited what the previous owner planted?  If you have plants, shrubs, and trees, which are overcrowding the front of the house and even some which are dead, they have a negative impact on the look of your home and it’s value.  Do not be afraid to remove dead and overgrown items.  Once you have a cleaner you might decide to add new plantings to complement the clean look.

Clean Landscape Beds

Clean, weed free, and mulched landscaped beds really make a difference.  We have all seen how nice a freshly landscaped or mulched home looks.  Keeping things looking fresh and new, and appealing from the curb, is not out of reach.  In the Spring you should clean and mulch your landscaped beds, it will look GREAT.  You could also add a few colorful annuals to add a splash of color and really make things pop.  You should also maintain the look throughout the season, if you come up with a schedule to address things on a regular basis it will not end up being too big of a chore.


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