10 Apr 2018

It looks like Spring weather has FINALLY arrived, so this is a great time for getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It’s also a great time to get your lawn and landscape in shape for summer.

  • It is still a good time to transplant shrubs. You can move them as soon as the soil is workable, but before buds have swelled or broken open.
  • Start by taking a walk around your property. Check for dead spots, places worn bare from foot traffic or outbursts of nuisance plants like moss or March marigold.
  • If you have crabgrass, now’s time to put down a pre-emergent control treatment.
  • Remove excess thatch from your lawn with an iron rake or a rented thatcher.
  • Aerate the lawn if you have areas that have gotten packed down over the winter.
  • Get your mower serviced and sharpened. The earlier you do this the less you’ll have to wait.
  • In your garden now is a good time to plant summer blooming bulbs like dahlias, gladiolas and lilies.
  • If you have hydrangeas, it’s also time to treat the soil to adjust their color. If your blooms are pink and you want blue, add aluminum phosphate. If your blooms are bluish and you want pink, add lime.
  • Give Northampton a call to discuss any landscape or hardscape projects you may be considering.

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