15 Jul 2018

Pay attention to your yard’s watering needs.

July is the month when things hit their stride in your garden and yard. But it’s no time to sit back, if you want to keep things beautiful from now through the fall. Here are a few things you should pay attention to this month.
  • Start with watering. With temperatures in the 90s, you can’t rely on thunderstorms alone to give your grounds the moisture they need. A garden needs one inch of rain or water each week.
  • Early morning is the best time to water, because plants watered just before dark are more susceptible to fungus diseases because their leaves can stay wet overnight.
  • Pay special attention to your potted and hanging plants. Make sure their soil doesn’t dry out. In extreme weather they may need twice-a-day watering to beat the heat.
  • When cutting flower from your garden, a slanting cut is the best angle. A slanting cut will expose a larger surface to absorb water. Use sharp shears or a sharp knife.
  • Slanted cuts will also keep the base of a flower stem from resting flatly on the bottom of a vase, allowing more water absorption.
  • When cutting flowers, carry a bucket of water to the garden rather than using a cutting basket. When stems are exposed to the air even a short time, it can shorten the life of flowers.

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