08 Dec 2018
Winter is here and the cold winter weather is right around the corner.  Here are are some simple tips to prep your home for the winter season:
  • If it snows, remove snow from your evergreen shrubs to prevent the branches from breaking.  Tap the branches gently to do this, from the bottom up if there is heavy snow.
  • Minimize traffic on frozen lawns to reduce winter damage.
  • Clean your patio furniture and keep it covered or stored away for the season.
  • Cut down dead perennials.  This can also be a time to divide perennials and plant them elsewhere in your landscape or share with friends.
  • Apply an end of season fertilizer – this is the most important application there is.  Grass roots will continue to grow during the winter and need nutrients to promote a healthy root system.
  • Trim back overgrown branches.
  • All rain and snow drains should point away from the home to avoid foundation problems.
  • Planters made from clay or other fragile materials should be moved indoors so they do not crack from freezing and thawing
  • Remove attached hoses, drain out the water and store them away for the winter to prevent cracking.
  • Shut off outdoor faucets inside the house and leave the outside faucet open to drain out any water in them.
  • Treat broadleaf evergreens with an anti-desiccant to prevent wind burn.
  • Remember our feathered friends during the winter….keep plenty of birdseed & fresh water available. Kids could help make feeders with peanut butter & birdseed pinecones, orange rind cups filled with birdseed & hung on trees, twine strung with cranberries (or any fruit) & hung in trees….be creative! The birds (& squirrels!) will love it!
  • Give us a call or email to discuss plans for next year!

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