27 Jan 2019
Start thinking about what you would like to do this spring …
As we start a new year, there are things you can think about regarding your landscape and garden.
  • If you have not done it already, remove your outdoor hoses and make sure your hose bibs are shut off and protected from freezing.
  • Stock up on snow & ice melt before stores begin to run low on inventory.
  • Consider using sand, gravel, urea or kitty litter instead of salt on driveway or paths near gardens
  • Go through your garden and inspect for winter damage
  • Prune damaged branches and dead wood on woody shrubs and trees (test for dead branches by scratching bark and looking for green)
  • Water evergreen and broad-leaf evergreen shrubs during warm spells
  • Protect shrubs planted under the roofline from snow, remove heavy snow from shrubs to prevent damage
  • Start thinking about changes you may want to make to your landscape and garden this spring
  • Contact Northampton to discuss any projects you may be considering around your home.

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