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As we progress into September, our gardens and landscape begin their transition for the winter.  This presents a great opportunity to prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter and even for next Spring. Fall is a good time to select and plant trees and shrubs. Fall planting encourages good root development, allowing the plants to […]

Here’s a watering rule of thumb: Water deep, not often. Water should reach 8 to 12 inches down, creating a well of water for plants and trees to draw upon in high heat. To determine if you’ve reached your mark, press a large screwdriver into the soil: If it meets resistance, keep watering. Hand-watering with a […]

SPRING is HERE and it is a great time to get your yard and landscape in shape.  Here are 8 tips to prepare your yard and landscape for the upcoming outdoor season. Start with cleaning up the yard Perform a thorough cleanup around your property.  Walk your property and collect all of the debris which […]

When the clocks spring forward this weekend, we will be that much closer to the arrival of our friend SPRING. Take a look outside and you will see that winter has left quite a mess and your lawn and landscape is ready for a “spring cleaning”. While you are dreaming about the beautiful spring weather […]

Start thinking about what you would like to do this spring … As we start a new year, there are things you can think about regarding your landscape and garden. If you have not done it already, remove your outdoor hoses and make sure your hose bibs are shut off and protected from freezing. Stock […]

Both sodium chloride (rock salt) and calcium chloride will remove snow and ice, BUT they are harmful to pavers and ANY concrete surface. Products that contain Calcium Magnesium Acetate as their active ingredient are considered safer for application to your paving stones.  If this is not available, try for a product such as magnesium pellets […]