24 Jun 2018

Go for Color when filling out your Flower Beds!

This is a great time to finish those final tasks to set up your property for summer and add some color..

  • Fill in the open spots in your beds with annuals which give you instant color.
  • It’s a great time for planting just about anything – annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs.
  • Cut back any Mums from last Fall to half their height. This will promote full bushy, full growth and a bounty of flowers this Fall.
  • Keep your potted and hanging plants watered. They add color and spark to a patio or porch but they’ll go south quickly if left dry on 90-degree days.
  • Give roses and other flowering plants a boost of fertilizer or plant food. It can give them strength to withstand hot weather and keep the blooms coming.
  • Refresh the edges of your planting beds. A quick once-over with an edger can keep the profile sharp and attractive.
  • Keep your hedges trimmed. It may seem over-attentive, but it’s easier to trim at least once a month than to let growth bolt in the heat to a unwieldy heights.
  • Dead-head your annuals. Picking off old blossoms can extend the blooming season and show off the foliage.
  • Raise the cutting height of your mower. Taller grass cools the roots and helps to keep the moisture in the soil longer when the deep heat of July and August sinks in.