04 Mar 2020

Even with the mild and snow free winter we have experienced, if you take a look outside and you will see that winter has left a mess and your lawn and landscape is ready for a “spring cleaning”.

While you are dreaming about the beautiful spring weather about to arrive, have the team at Northampton Nursery remove any lawn and landscape chores from your to do list, and enjoy more time with family and friends.

When you sign up for our Spring Cleanup & Remulch service our experienced team will:

  • Weed all landscape beds.
  • Edge all landscape beds.
  • Clean up fallen tree branches/debris and leaves from landscape beds.
  • Provide and install mulch to all mulched landscape beds.
  • Provide and install pre-emergent weed control.
  • Trim and prune plant material as needed

The team at Northampton Nursery is committed to providing Spring Cleanup & Remulch services that will refresh and prepare your property for the season.  Just click here to contact us to get an estimate for your property and get on our schedule.


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