15 Mar 2020
We have good news, SPRING officially arrives this week.  With the beautiful Spring weather we have been experiencing, it is a great time celebrate the change of seasons and to start getting your spring gardening under way.
  • March is a good time to transplant shrubs. You can move them as soon as the soil is workable, but before buds have swelled or broken open.
  • March is also a good time to fertilize those shrubs.
  • Divide and transplant summer blooming perennials now and fertilize established ones as soon as new growth appears.
  • Fertilize tulips as foliage appears and make another application after flowering. Fertilize all other spring-flowering bulbs after flowering with bone meal or bulb booster.
  • If weeds appear in bulb beds, remove them by hand rather than using a tool that can damage the bulb base.
  • Remove mulch covers from roses, azaleas, clematis vines and other tender shrubs once nighttime temperatures rise into the 30s (but re-cover them if temperatures drop).
  • Contact Northampton Nursery to discuss any landscape or hardscape projects you may considering.

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