The Details

This landscaping was done on the back of a newly constructed home.

Multiple elements were combined to bring this project to a successful completion.

We installed the new paver patio slightly off of the foundation of the home to allow for landscape beds between the patio and the home.  This serves to soften up the look and allows for nice greenery and color throughout.

The grade of the property rose away from the home and the neighbor on one side was slightly elevated.  We created landscape beds using boulders to allow for a terraced look.  This provides to a smooth transition to the rear yard and allows for the difference in elevation with the neighbor to become a nice landscape bed.

We also regraded the property and installed features to improve drainage and the flow of rainwater around the home.  Some things done in this area include the creation of a couple of swales to direct the water and these swales incorporated River Rock to help prevent erosion.

About The Project