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Landscaping Services
Every property is unique, and every property owner has their own unique likes, dislikes, goals, and budget. Northampton Nursery has the experience and commitment to customer service necessary to make sure you have the landscape which best achieves your goals and budget.

A major component of any successful landscape is to place the right plants in the right places. We try to make sure trees and shrubs are placed in areas where they have the best chance to thrive.

Our dedicated team of professionals is highly trained and committed to working with our clients. When we provide and install plant material for our clients, we back our service with a one-year warranty.

Whether you have a newly constructed home on a plain dirt lot or an established property which may need an update or renovation to its landscape, Northampton can help. A properly executed landscape can make all of the difference in how you see and enjoy your home.

  • New and Existing Home Landscaping
  • Landscape Designs
  • Water Features
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Fall/leaf Removal Clean-up
  • Maintenance Program for Your Landscape
  • Privacy Screening
  • Irrigation Systems

Landscaping Project – Warwick PA

The Details

This landscaping was done on the back of a newly constructed home.

Multiple elements were combined to bring this project to successful completion.

We installed the new paver patio slightly off of the foundation of the home to allow for landscape beds between the patio and the home. This serves to soften up the look and allows for nice greenery and color throughout.

The grade of the property rose away from home, and the neighbor on one side was slightly elevated. We created landscape beds using boulders to allow for a terraced look. This provides to a smooth transition to the rear yard and allows for the difference in elevation with the neighbor to become a nice landscape bed.

We also regraded the property and installed features to improve drainage and the flow of rainwater around the home. Some things done in this area include the creation of a couple of swales to direct the water and these swales incorporated River Rock to help prevent erosion.

Wrought Iron Lounge Chairs and Fire Pit on Outdoor Patio

Landscaping Project – Fort Washington

The Details

The homeowner had an old landscape with Arborvitae and other large plantings overcrowding the house and each other.

We renovated the landscape by first removing the overgrown planting which hid the front corner of the home. We then created a nice rounded landscape bed off of the corner of the home. The landscape bed features a stacked stone wall around the corner which adds character and definition to the area.

The Cherry tree and perennials in this new corner bed give a clean look, and when things are in bloom, the color really pops.

Learn more about what we can offer on our Landscaping page.

Snow Fountain Cherry With Natural Stone Wall

Landscaping Project – Warrington PA

The Details

The customer had an existing deck and patio in their yard, which needed finishing touches added.

We installed a new landscape around the deck and patio. The landscape features low-maintenance shrubs which are well suited for their home. Off of the corner of the patio, you will see a Crepe Myrtle tree which blooms later than most trees but provide beautiful color through the summer. The landscape also features Knockout Rose shrubs around the Crepe Myrtle which will provide color from spring to frost.

Nice Landscaping With Rich Green Color of Lawn

Landscape Project – Warrington PA

The Details

The customer had a newly constructed home that just sat on a dirt lot.
Our project had many facets to help make this house a home, including:
We graded the lot and installed a front sod lawn.

We installed a paver walkway from the driveway to the front entry. The front of the home has raised planting beds we installed using EP Henry retaining wall block, highlighted by the rounded retaining wall bed on the corner of the house.

A complete front landscape featuring plants along the foundation beds and along the new walkway to add color and a low-maintenance entry to the home. The entrance to the driveway is highlighted by the accent wall backdrop on the Japanese Maple tree.

Nice Landscaping With Rich Green Color of Lawn

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